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5000 hits! and Some Updates

Thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog, today I had my 5000th hit since I started this blog. It has been great to see and hear feedback from both friends and strangers as I share my experiences and often hear about yours in response. I thought I would use today to give some updates with changes I have made in the blog that may otherwise go unnoticed and also announce the upcoming material.

1. Top Navigation – I have been updating the top navigation bars to include organized links to all of my posts. If you have not been following from the beginning, feel free to check out what is there!

2. My Portfolio Page – I put up the pictures from Costa Rica that I thought belong in that page. I have not watermarked or edited those [yet]. Feel free to use my photos for non-commercial things (if you do, I would love for you to leave a comment saying what you used them for, I love comments!).

3. Upcoming Material – I plan to do reviews for a lot of the gear I have been using. Part of the reason for this blog is to have a portfolio prepared to begin being a gear-tester should the opportunity arise. I also will be sharing pictures and stories from my spring break rock climbing trip and from may first day on the water in my new kayak. In about 6 weeks, I leave for Alaska. I will have a lot of posts about that when I get back (and hopefully some while I am there as well). If any of this material interests you, please don’t forget to subscribe!

5. Bucket List Publications and 72&Rising have both featured my work! there are links to both their sites in the right bar of my blog. I would encourage you to check them out if you have some time.

6. Other Links – In the side bar to the right there are also links to my YouTube account with has many videos from my life. If you want to see some material that hasn’t made it to my blog, go check that out! There is also a link to, they offer great deals on outdoor gear of all types and the inventory is constantly changing. If you like gear, it is a great site to keep an eye on. You can sign up under me!

7. Did you notice – that this list doesn’t contain a #4? If you did then you win! there is no prize, but at least you can have the satisfaction of being a winner. If you didn’t notice, don’t be heartbroken, the winners didn’t really get anything.


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Therm-A-Rest Prolite Plus Gear Review

Therm-A-Rest Prolite Plus



Prolite Plus Large in use

Top Material: Polyester

Bottom Material: Nylon

Fill Material: Urethane Foam

Foam Type: Diagonal Punched

R-value: 3.8

Thickness: 1.5 inches

Color: Pomegranate


Size: Small, Regular, Large

Width: 20 in, 20 in, 25 in

Length: 47 in, 66 in, 77 in

Packed Dimensions: 4 in X 11 in, 4.8 in X 11 in, 5.1 X 13 inches

Volume: 1410 cu in, 2052 cu in, 2656.5 cu In

Weight: 1lb 1oz, 1lb 8oz , 2lb 1oz


  • Bottom grips to better keep from sliding on the sleeping surface
  • Top is textured to help the sleeper remain on the mat
  • Interior foam to decrease air circulation and increase warmth factor

My experience:

After many uncomfortable nights on Ridge-Rest foam pads (The most comfortable foam pad I have tried to-date), I decided that sleep was a luxury I wanted on my excursions in the backcountry and camping in general. I bought a large Prolite Plus shortly before a canoe trip in Canada and was pleasantly surprised at the small volume on the pad when deflated and rolled. Upon inflating the pad, my experience became even more pleasant, I was astounded by that fact that with a little extra air pushed into the pad, I could sleep on top of roots without feeling they were there. I knew I had a good purchase. After spending multiple nights on slopes and precarious placements, I am confident that this sleeping pad lives up to its price-tag and would be a good investment for anyone who spends time in the outdoors. I Have used the Therm A Rest Prolite Plus on many trips now (Including Backpacking in Michigan, North Carolina, and Costa Rica) and tend to bring it with me whenever I stay over at someone’s house. I know that no matter where I go, this pad will guarantee me comfort no matter where I lay it.


The Therm-A-Rest Prolite Plus is a 4-season pad with a sufficient r-value for typical outdoor activities. The Prolite Plus feels very durable and has shown no signs of wear (I have slept on sharp rocks and on hard roots without any issues) in the time that I have owned it. The pad deflates easily, but there is a trick to it (fold it and sit on it, close the valve, unfold, roll). Deflating the pad and rolling it can be done in about 1 minute. The valve is strong and easy to use. This pad is well-constructed.

What I liked:

  • Well-built. Shows no signs of wear after months of use (and abuse!)
  • Very insulating (R-value 3.8)
  • The pad doesn’t slide on the ground and I don’t slide off the pad
  • [mostly] self inflating
  • Large size fits me (6 foot, 180lb) with plenty of room to spare
  • Adjust air pressure to fit to preference and terrain

What I didn’t:

  • The stuff sack is sold separately, and the rated size does not fit well (see my review) 

Bottom line:

This is a backpackers dream bed and a guaranteed good night sleep whether used on the trail of in a friends basement. The Therm A Rest Prolite Plus is one of my favorite pieces of gear. It is worth the price.


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