Prolite Plus Stuff Sack Review

Brand: Therm-A-Rest

Model: ProLite Plus Stuff Sack

Specs: (Size: Large)

Color: Pomegranite

Weight: 23g (9oz)

Width: 16cm (6.25 in)

Height: 34cm (13.5 In)

Material: sil-nylon


My experience:

I purchased the ProLite Plus stuff sack to store my Therm-A-Rest ProLite Plus in while on the trail. I purchased the large size to store my large sized Prolite Plus in (it should fit right?). Well, with a lot of effort it does, usually, but I can’t get the stuff sack to close all the way around my rolled Prolite plus unless I do it in a very specific, time consuming way. This is not acceptable on the trail as my mornings do not consist of leisure time for rolling and rerolling the sleeping pad just so it will fit (still at great effort). After practicing for extensive periods of time, I still cannot pack my Therm-A-Rest all that well. I searched for ‘the trick’ that I must have been missing – researching online only showed others having similar frustrations with this product. Nobody seems to have figured out the secret with packing into this stuff sack (if there even is one).

I tried using this stuff sack on a trip this summer and it threw me way behind in my morning routine. I was a paid leader on the trip and quickly found myself falling behind in my morning routine because I spent so much time trying to get this blasted thing around my ProLite Plus. I ended up scrapping the ProLite Plus stuff sack and packing my Therm-A-Rest in a larger stuff sack I had brought with me for clothing. The clothes that couldn’t be absorbed into other stuff sacks then had to be left to freely float in my bag. Not cool. I would recommend buying at least one size larger than your Therm-A-Rest should need (A.K.A. buy a large size stuff sack for a regular Term-A-Rest). This should solve the problem.

What I liked

  • Very light
  • Packs up very small when not in use
  • Hand slot on bottom for pulling out Therm-A-Rest from within
  • Water-resistant with a flap that goes inside the top to help seal it
  • Good size for a pillow at night if stuffed with clothes (I like this comment!)

What I didn’t like

  • The fit is way too tight – almost making the stuff sack unusable

Bottom Line

I would not recommend purchasing this product unless you purchase a larger size than your Therm-A-Rest should require. It is an impossible fit unless rolled just right and even then it takes time and effort to make it fit.

**UPDATE: I did try the stuff sack (large) on size regular Prolite Plus and it fit easily but was slightly taller than needed to fit the whole Therm-A-Rest


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