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Sea Line Kodiak Window 25L Gear Review

Sea Line Kodiak Window 25L Gear Review

Sea Line Kodiak Window 25L


Volume: 27 Liters (about 1650 Cu In)

Length: 66cm (26 in)

Diameter: 23 cm (9 In)

Weight: 8oz (230g)

PVC-Free: Yes

Closure: Roll Down

Materials: 200D clear polyurethane coated nylon body, 400D HD TPU coated nylon bottom, clear urethane window

Made: Seattle, WA, U.S.A.


  • 1-way valve to release air during compression
  • D-ring for fastening/trying-in
  • Clear front window


  • (2011) Sea Kayaker Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Award for Best Dry Bag for 6 consecutive years
  • (2008) Sea Kayaker Magazine’s Triennial Readers’ Choice Award for Best Dry Bag

My experience:

I have used this bag on multiple trips and in multiple facets. I have used it on canoe trips where the bag was repeatedly splashed, dropped in the dirt, and even sat in water for hours. I have also used this as a bear-bag on shorter backpacking trips by tying a rope to the D-ring and filling the bag with our food before hanging it. In my experience, there has never been even a hint of water inside the bag when I open it. Everything is always as dry as when I first put it in the bag.

The bag feels durable when I grab it. The walls are a thick material that feels like it would require serious abrasion for its integrity to come into question. The seams are holding up well and the D-ring was able to support the heavy bag when we hung food in it.

The only problem I have had with this bag is from fire. A fellow camper threw pine needles on the fire while my bag was sitting nearby. Glowing ash flew over to my bag and melted through the yellow siding. This was easily remedied with gel patching from a local store and returned the bag to full integrity. That was several trips ago and the bag is still working amazingly well for me, I just take care now to make sure it is further from the fire.

This bag is very easy to use because of the front window, two black strips at the top for rolling, and one-way valve for releasing air as the bag is rolled. I pack this on all my trips and wish I had a couple smaller ones to compliment this 25L bag.

What I liked:

  • Front window made it easy to find things within the bag and know what it contains without opening it
  • D-ring is strong enough to hang full bag from (Used as bear-bag)
  • Two-fold black strips at top make it easy to get a tight, waterproof roll
  • Air vent near bottom makes compressing the bag very easy
  • Thick walls feel very strong and resistant to abrasion

What I didn’t like:

  • Would prefer the D-ring to be metal

Bottom Line:

I was very pleased with this product; It rolls up fairly small when not in use, is easy to use,  and is water-tight. I would certainly recommend this product.


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