Manistee River Trail

15 Nov

This past weekend, some friends and I backpacked the Manistee River Trail. We parked at the Red Bridge access point and hiked in under the full-moon Friday night. We camped in of the most beautiful spots in the woods.

This is the view from a campsite we came across Saturday morning. We plan to make our first camp here next time we come. It was so calm and beautiful as we looked at what was left of the fall colors. Michigan certainly has some beautiful places waiting to be discovered by new adventurers.

This red cabin looked like a wonderful get-away but also looked like the perfect setting for numerous horror films. I don’t know how comfortable I would be with sleeping in there.

We took a time-capture photo to make Jess look like a ghost over the fire. For a first attempt I was very pleased with how it turned out.

We loved this dirt two-track. It was the nicest one I have ever ridden on and the view was great. I hope to return next year during the fall colors to get some great photos.


This sign was just too good not to take a picture of. It makes me think of Jeff Foxworthy saying, “…You might be a redneck.”

*These pictures were not altered in any way after they were taken


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